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Authorized UNIFLEX® contractors are known to be the best in the business and achieve their status by demonstrating superior installation expertise and commitment to quality. Apply to become an Authorized, Authorized Premier or Premier Elite contractor, today. We recommend that all UNIFLEX® roofing systems be installed by authorized UNIFLEX® contractors.

Contractor Guidelines

Entry level roofing contractors
Warranty Options
Material warranties
10 Year Labor & Material warranties - Metal only
Nex Level Requirements
After successful completion of 4 projects, totaling a minimun of 500 squares, contractor may be eligible to apply for next level of approval.
Experienced roofing contractors
Warranty options
Metal & low slope roofs
Labor & Material warranties up to 15 years
Additional requirements
National Account Program
Highest level-based on volume & quality
Successfully installed 500,000 sq.ft + (or minimun 10 jobs, minimun 200 squares each) of Uniflex roof coatings
Warranty Options
Metal & low slope roofs
Labor & Material warranties up to 20 years
Additional Requirements
National Account Program

Required for all levels

New! Now you can upload warranty documents online.
It's fast and easy!

Go to UNIFLEXWARRANTY.COM to submit warranty documents prior to application.

  • NOA - Notice of Award - Warranty Request
  • Scope of work
  • Before pictures
  • Roof drawing (required for L&M Warranties)
  • Metal & low slope roofs
  • Labor & Material warranties up to 20 years

License & Regulatory requerid for roofing

  • Roofing license for state of application, if applicable per state and local requirements
  • Liability insurance for roofing work
  • Workers compensation